April 3, 2012

Industrial, Civil and Mining Services


Strata offers services to mining, civil and industrial firms requiring geotechnical or environmental information or design related to:

Site investigation, testing, modelling and design for:

  • Mine Planning – site investigation for mine layout, including advice upon citing of key infrastructure and effluent/tailings treatment dams to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impacts.
  • Mine Effluent  –  flow modelling, quality testing, design of treatment and disposal systems.
  • Life-of-Mine Environmental Monitoring – soil, surface and groundwater, air, dust.
  • Mine Closure – planning and rehabilitation.
  • Mining exploration site rehabilitation.

Geotechnical drilling and testing, expert  advice for:

  • Roading and Pavements
  • Hardstands
  • Cable and Pipeworks
  • Soil/Rock/Aggregate Testing
  • Fill Testing – for suitability for reuse or off site removal to EPA standards.
  • Soil and Water Management – for bulk earthworks and rehabilitation.
  • Environmental Compliance.

Assessment, testing and reporting associated with:

  • Site Investigation –  for contamination (soil, air, surface and groundwater), underground storage tank removal.
  • Geotechnical Testing – for construction of heavy infrastructure such as hoppers and cooling towers.
  • Soil/Rock Testing – for pipeline or underground cables routes and well as telecommunication towers and bulk storage facilities.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
  • Effluent/Biosolid management and reuse schemes.
  • Waste Management.
  • Environmental Monitoring.

Working with industry to secure project approvals and to facilitate project development and compliance.

Example Projects

National Broadband Network

Telstra Mobile Phone Tower Construction

Fingal Coal Mine Planning

Benalla Landfill Facility, Victoria